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Coach Chin
by posted 04/11/2022

Important dates!


The Marion Softball Parade will be Saturday May 14, 2022. We will need volunteers for a truck, trailer, 1 or 2 parents to ride with the kids, and signs for the side of the truck. I will have a sign up sheet at our first practice. Players will be able to bring candy to throw as well. 


Our picture day will be Saturday June 4, 2022. I will get the time and forms when I pick up the jerseys and will update as soon as possible. 


I would like to have an end of the season party. Our last game will be June 27th. We can do something simple like Dairy Queen after the game so we don't have to add another date to your summer schedules or if someone wants to volunteer an at home pool party for Friday July 1st or Saturday July 2nd, I have heard those are always a hit. 

As I had text previously, MYBSA pre-schedules the practices and games. We have prior engagements on April 21st (practice)

May 13 (game) and May 17(game). Coach Horn will be there for the April 21st practice and the May 17th game, however, we are looking at changing the May 13th game. I will keep everyone posted for that. 

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