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2022 age key - age keys can be confusing, the following age ranges show eligible ages from youngest to oldest. Keep in mind the youngest players have the most recent birth dates. It may help to say the heading above the date as you are trying to figure out what age division(s) your player is eligible. Example: A player, "born on or before 04/30/2017 (youngest) or born on or after 05/01/2014 (oldest) would be eligible for 8U baseball. Additionally, baseball and softball age keys do differ. MYBSA does not make these age keys we simply follow the industry standards set forth by organization like USSSA.


                                    (Youngest)     (Oldest)
                                     Born on          Born on  
Baseball Division        or BEFORE   or AFTER                Ages                                           League Description***
Bambino**                 04/30/2018 -  01/01/2017           4 and 5 year olds                        Primarily Tball
6U Baseball                 04/30/2017 -   05/01/2015         5 and 6                                       Primarily coach pitch, also T 
8U baseball*               04/30/2017 - 05/01/2014            Some 6, primarily 7 and 8           Pitching machine
10U Baseball*             04/30/2014 –  05/01/2012          Some 8, primarily 9 and 10          Player Pitch
13U Baseball*             04/30/2011 –  05/01/2014          primarily 11, 12 , and some 13     Player Pitch
15U Baseball Rec Travel Ball *** Not offered for Fall Season 
Softball Division        Eligible DOB range                   Ages                                           League Description
Bambino**                 04/30/2018 – 01/01/2017          4 and 5 year olds                        Primarily Tball,                       
6U Softball                 12/31/2016 – 01/01/2015          primarily 5 and 6                        Primarily coach pitch, also T 
8U Softball*               12/31/2015 – 01/01/2013          Some 6, primarily 7 and 8          Pitching machine     
10U Softball*             12/31/2013 – 01/01/2011          Some 8, primarily 9 and 10        ½ Pitching machine, ½ Player pitch
14U Softball Rec Travel Ball*** Not offered for Fall Season

* MYBSA does allow 6 and 8 year olds to "play up" in the next league, if parent or guardian feels that is what is best for their individual player. This is why there is 3 years of eligibility for the 8U and 10U divisions.
**Bambino is a CO-ED league. Girls and boys sign up separately as the age charts differs by gender, but when teams are picked all are combined.

15U Baseball Rec Travel and 14U Softball Rec Travel will be a strictly recreational travel team that will travel to other local towns and will be part of the Route 13 League.  This will allow our players to play local communities in the League.
***More details for each league can be found on the webpage.

*** Click HERE for the USSSA Age Verification Tool