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6U Baseball and Softball Recreation League Rules

  1. Each team bats the lineup in every inning

  2. All players play in the field with 1 at each infield position including pitcher and catcher.  The remaining players line up in the outfield

  3. Coaches throw 5 pitches to batter.  If batter does not put the ball in play in fair territory after the 5th pitch, batter must hit off the tee.  Batter gets as many swings necessary to hit ball off tee.  The coach may let a batter hit off the tee at any time.

  4. If a batter/player is thrown or tagged out, the player returns to the dugout.  The defensive team may get as many outs as possible.  The inning continues until the entire lineup has batted.

  5. Teams should try to play a minimum of 3 innings if possible

  6. Time limit for games is 1 hour and 15 minutes