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**Only Registered Coaches can add practies**

If you are not listed as the coach on your team then you are not registered in the system and must do so to have the ability to add/edit practices.

How to add a Practice

  1. Sign in

  2. Go to your team page

  3. Click on SCHEDULE in vertical menu on left side of page.

  4. Click Options in upper right hand corner of page

  5. Click Add Event

    1. Enter Date and Time

    2. Enter Location

    3. Category – Choose Practice. (Not Rental/Practice) or Game

    4. Status – Choose Confirmed – this is not mandatory

    5. Season – Choose 2016-2017 MBA/Future Wildcats

    6. Teams – Choose your team

    7. Opponent – Do not choose an opponent if entering practices, if game then choose opponent. “Keep in mind only half the teams need to enter games, so you will probably want check your schedule and mark off any games that already been added by the opposing coach”

    8. Notify Boxes at bottom of pageIf checked emails will be sent to parents each time you enter a practice. I would suggest you leave these unchecked when entering your schedule the first time, then just notify parents via text or email to let them know the schedule is online. If you make future changes to a schedule such as canceling a practice, you will want to “check” these boxes so parents are notified.

    9. Hit “Submit”

  6. Repeat steps to enter next practice/game.