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Summer swim will start on Tues May 30st

Swimmers will need to be at the pool anytime between 8-10 am for swim evaluations.

Practice times will be given out that day.

Regular Practices start on Wed May31 1st, 8am - 10 am



Registration is OPEN



Registration Fee $85 per swimmer.

This fee includes 

*Practice Mon - Fri mornings 

*Tuesday/ Thursday meets

*Team Latex Swim Cap

*Summer Pass to Marion Park District Aquatic Center  





We will be having a Parent/Information Meeting 

Location:  Marion Boyscout Cabin 915 Park Drive 

Date/Time: May 15 6pm



We will go over Volunteer opportunities, Parent requirements, SwimMeets, and Invitationals,

Apparel and SwimSuits, Sponsorships and etc. This is for New and returning swim parents.

Registration Fees include All Tues / Thur Dual Meets,  Morning Practice/Instruction (Mon-Fri), and swim cap.

We will be having Swim Evaluations on Tues May 30st, 8-10

All swimmers are required to attend evaluations.

 Swimmers 12 and under as well as any new swimmers will need to swim across the pool so that they can be evaluated.  This will also determine which swim practice time they receive.

Returning swimmers 13 and over need to attend

evaluations to receive their swim times and pay registration fees, if not done so before. 


*The 1st official day of swim practice will be on: Wednesday, May  31st 

Swim practices will be between 8-10 am Monday-Friday.

A minimum of 3 practices a week are required.  The coaches would like swimmers to practice all 5 days.  They want the

swimmers to get the most out of practice.


Parent involvement is a requirement.  The swim team relies heavily on Parent Volunteers.  We need as many parents as possible to help run a smooth Swim Meet and Invitational. 



Rule of thumb:  If you have a child swimming, you should sign up to work or have someone fill in for you.  Parents/Volunteers of younger swimmers should sign up for 1st shift duties.  More experienced swimmers Parents/Volunteers should sign up for 2nd shift (you will be there until the end of the meet anyways).



We do allow a $150 buyout.  Pay the swim team $150 to not volunteer for Tue/Thu dual swim meets ONLY.

This does NOT include Invitational volunteer lists. If your swimmer is swimming the Invitationals you will have to help out.

If you do not Volunteer or pay Buyout,  your swimmer will be excused from the meet.


Safety is a BIG concern of such a large swim team.  For this reason, inexperienced swimmers will have a two-week time period to meet the requirements to be on the swim team.  After two weeks if the swimmer has not met the requirements, they will NOT be allowed to be on the team due to safety concerns.  Your registration money will be refunded.  Apparel or swimsuits will NOT be refunded.