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Requirements to be on the Marlins 2023 Swim Team

Swimmers must live in the Marion Marlins Team Area.  If your town doesn't have a swim team, contact us about eligibility.


ALL SWIMMERS MUST wear Team Suit or Solid Navy with Marlins Swim Cap

Latex Caps will be provided.  Silicone Caps will be an extra cost.


Ages 5-10 years of age - 25m freestyle or backstroke (unassisted)

Ages 11-14 years of age - 50 m freestyle (unassisted)

Ages 15-18 years of age - 100 m freestyle (unassisted)


All swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 3 practices each week.  The Coaches would like for each swimmer to attend all 5 practices.

Swimmers must attend home meets or away meets . We understand other sports, vacations and other obligations. Meets are required to be on the team. 

Parent involvement is a requirement.  The SwimTeam relies heavily on Parent Volunteers.  We need as many parents as possible to help run a smooth Swim Meet and Invitational. 

Rule of thumb:  If you have a child swimming, you should sign up to work or have someone fill in for you.  Parents/Volunteers of younger swimmers should sign up for 1st shift duties.  More experienced swimmers Parents/Volunteers should sign up for 2nd shift (you will be there until the end of the meet anyways).

We do allow a $150 buyout.  Pay the swimteam $150 to not volunteer for swim meets ONLY.(Tues/Thur)

This does NOT include Invitational volunteer lists.

If you do not Volunteer or pay Buyout,  your swimmer will be excused from the meet.


Swimmers that cannot meet these requirements, will NOT be allowed on the 2023 Marion Marlins Swim Team