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2017 RecPlus Program Description

MYBSA RecPlus team program description - The MYBSA RecPlus program is designed to offer additional practice and playing opportunities to interested and  dedicated players and parents register in the MYBSA summer recreation. Teams are formed via a tryout in early April. Final team rosters will consist of 10-12 players depending on the coaches preference.

The following frequently asked question section has general answers. RecPlus teams may differ in some areas depending on coaches preference. If your player is offered a position on a RecPlus team we highly recommend you ask your coach any questions you may have before accepting. 

2016 Eligibility - To be eligible to tryout for a MYBSA RecPlus team in April a player must be registered to play in the MYBSA Summer Recreation program in the same age division they are trying out for. A player must also register to tryout for a REcPlus team on tha marionyouthsports.org website.

How much is RecPlus Registration? $115 per season. RecPlus registration is due as soon as you accept position on team, and is non-refundable.

Will I be required to fundraise? Some teams choose to fundraise. Ask your coach if this wil be required if your player is offered a position on team.

When do RecPlus teams start practicing? Recplus teams will start practicing as soon as final roster is established.

When do RecPlus teams start playing? Mid- April

When will season end? Typically anytime in July.

When will games be played? Most RecPlus games are played on Wednesday night and weekends including Sunday. Games may be played on week nights other than Wednesday if fields are available.

How many games do RecPlus Teams play? 20-25

How far and how often do teams travel? This is really coaches preference. In 2013 there was 1 team that played 90% of their games in Marion, IL and never traveled further than 1 hour. 3 other teams play 50 to 60% of games in Marion, IL and traveled to 3 or 4 tournament within 150 mile radius. Ask your coach for specific schedule.

Will over night stays be required when playing in away weekend tournaments? This depends on distance and games times. The furthest a RecPlus team traveled in 2013 was Santa Claus, IN, others traveld to Paducah and Mt Vernon.

Will there be conflicts between RecPlus and recreation league events? Although conflicts are rare if one does occur the following criteria should be followed: 1) RecPlus game 2) Recreation game 3) RecPlus practice 4) Recreation practice. Communication with all coaches is key if a conflict does occur.

Can my player also play on another local travel baseball or softball team? no- too many conflicts

Will MYBSA RecPlus practices or games conflict with other recreation sports like soccer? Recreation Soccer -typically not, All-star soccer - possible as your travel baseball or softball team could be playing a tournament the same weekend. Speak with your coach if your players does partciapte in all-star soccer. All-star soccer tournaments are typically the same weekends each year, so you should be able to inform the coach any weekends your player would be unavailable.

Will MYBSA RecPlus practices or games conflict with other travel sports like club soccer? very possible- for same reason as all-star soccer.